Simon Schramm, M.Sc.

Simon Schramm
Collision Reconstructionist

Areas of Expertise:

  • collision reconstruction
  • vehicle defect investigation
  • vehicle safety systems

After completing a graduate degree in Automotive Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, Mr. Schramm continued his studies at Dresden International University where he received a Master of Science in Traffic Accident Research and Vehicle Safety. The topic of his graduate thesis was Investigation of the Vehicle Involvement in Accidents and their Consequences Depending on the Vehicle Safety Equipment. At the same time, he was employed in various technical positions at Fahrzeugsystemdaten, GmbH.

In 2016, he began work at Collision Analysis where he participated in a rollover research study that resulted in co-authoring a paper titled The Application of Event Data Recorders to Vehicle Safety Research, which was presented at the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals Conference 2017.

Mr. Schramm is part of the Collision Analysis Transport Canada team investigating vehicle defects and analyzing collisions. He also assists with safety system analysis, case-based testing, and performance assessment of system components.